With the regulation of exotic woods and a global paradigm shifting towards sustainability, Alquier Guitars is willing to transform the soul of the guitar. Along the way, we hope to also appeal to the hearts and minds of guitar enthusiasts.

After five years of independent research which culminate in our Ethiq guitar line, Jean-Yves Alquier introduced bamboo, titanium and the absolute use of non-exotic woods.

Titanium comes as a standard for our instruments

Alquier Guitars is using titanium for its in-house designed tremolos, wrap-arounds, hard-tails, knobs, switches, jack ferrules, nuts and neck reinforcement rods.

Titanium adds resonance and sustain to your guitar’s tone. It resonates better than steel for richer sounds in all frequencies. Adding titanium to your guitar improves its qualities.

Bamboo as an alternative to exotic woods

Jean-Yves Alquier has decided to no longer use tropical woods and has made five years of independent research on bamboo, the acme is presented this year by Alquier Guitars with the Ethiq guitar line, officially exhibited for the first time at the Los Angeles 2018 NAMM show.

Bamboo, an astonishing material which has exceptional esthetic, acoustic and durability qualities is part of our guitars and especially for fretboards where it perfectly replaces ebony or rosewood.

Moreover, bamboo is absolutely CO2 neutral all along its production, transportation and transformation process and classified E0 with no formaldehyde rejection.

Non exotic wood

Along with bamboo Alquier Guitars is exclusively using high grade FSC woods coming essentially from the French forest and used since a long time in guitar making like flamed maple, ash, alder, walnut, basswood and many others.

Custom pickups

With 2 unique designs closing the era of rectangular pickups and showcasing the beauty of our instruments, our wide range of pickups are proposing different tone identities which will satisfy all expectations and allow each musician to find the perfect tone for the music he is playing. Designed and manufactured in-house, they are the perfect match with our guitars.