Jean-Yves Alquier is always honing his skills as a luthier. That’s why he’s compelled to research new methods and technology to design and build a guitar with great sound. He also needs an outlet for unfiltered creativity. That’s why he dedicates part of his time to concept projects. Each outcome produces at least one twist to the art of the craft.

Some of these concepts remain elusive for a viable production model. While other concepts make their way to custom client builds. Either way, they are what makes Alquier tick. They are also the reason for a CO2 neutral line of guitars or for an uncanny guitar that has yet to find its rightful player.

Maple Taffy

The wonder of the Maple Taffy is that ergonomics and design are one and the same in this instrument.
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Alquier pays umbrage to this natural phenomenon with this concept model made from bamboo.
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Alquier first concepts came as a trilogy of breakthrough instruments at the Montreal Guitar Show.
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