Space Wow

Space WOW BODY   Top Wood Basswood and Bamboo Natural Optional Top Woods Flamed Ash / Ash /Flamed Maple / Maple / Alder Back Wood Bamboo Natural Internal Structure Hollow Body NECK   Neck Wood Flamed Maple with Bamboo Natural Insert Neck Shape C Type Number of Frets 22 Scale Length 25.2″ – 640mm Neck […]


Predestined for the 2010 Montreal Guitar Show, the Papaléocada is a lap steel guitar that emanates a tremendous sound. The name came about when Alquier’s one-year-old was asked, where’s daddy? Her response in broken, baby french was, “papa lé au cada.” The translation in adult, english speak is, “Papa’s in Canada (for the Montreal Guitar […]


The Gnossienne is an eight-string electric lute built with an astonishing design. Jean-Yves Alquier named it after composer Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No.1. Unlike the composition, no one has yet mastered this instrument. In fact, Alquier is uncertain the musician destined to play it is even born. Whoever he or she may be, they would have […]

Air Mail Special

Alquier kicked off his conceptual triptych of guitars with the Air Mail Special at the Montreal Guitar Show in 2009. Air Mail Special stood out among a gaggle of worthy guitars from renowned luthiers. This hollow electric honors legendary jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, who died in 1942 at the tender age of 25. Christian, who […]


An Instrument of Nature As Arctic ice floes undulate and clash, they form hummocks–hills of broken ice that can reach 20 feet. Intrepid travelers recount an ever-present song to the slow crashing ice. One that is low and restrained but heard from afar. It’s described as a shrieking, “whining puppies,” or “grinding machinery.” Nature marvels […]

Maple Taffy

The wonder of the Maple Taffy is that ergonomics and design are one and the same in this instrument. It’s a jazz guitar with incredible sound that doesn’t adhere to all the principles of a typical archtop, but maintains a carved top. Luthier Jean-Yves Alquier based the Maple Taffy on his triptych of concept guitars. […]